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Multiple Disabilities

The need for access to curriculum for all students requires teachers to be knowledgeable about effective literacy instruction. Students with multiple and severe disabilities need a balanced approach to learning, encompassing both skill-based and meaning-based strategies. Literacy can be broadly defined as acts of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. By defining literacy to include communication, we confirm that every student can make progress toward their literacy goals.


AKCAM works closely with SESA’s Multiple Disabilities team to help develop and implement educational programs promoting literacy. In this section, families and educators will find a comprehensive list of resources for targeting and overcoming print barriers.


Podcasts from Perkins (Coming soon)

Sensory Areas: Families (Coming soon)



Experience Books -- A Tool for Conversation (Coming soon)

Home-Based Early Intervention Services (FRA) (Coming soon)

Just Books Read Aloud (Coming soon)


Building Literacy Skills through Family Field Trips (Coming soon)


Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI): A Fact Sheet for Families & Professionals (Coming soon)

Family Time
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Field Trip in Nature
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