Progress Monitoring

Educators require tools to help identify areas of concern and adjust instructional strategies to better meet each learner's needs. Progress monitoring is a practice that helps teachers use student performance data to continually evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching and make more informed instructional decisions.


AKCAM has compiled a hub of resources for use both in the classroom and at home. Feel free to browse the links below in order to find what best works for your learner. 

Online Resources








   Varied Topics and Reading                       Levels

         Students can take a placement pre-test

         and be assigned articles and reading 

         material based on that assessment. 

         Progress is monitored and new articles

         are assigned based on performance.

         Allows users to assign leveled reading

        passages and questions.

         Provides free reading passages and 

         other literacy resources. Progress is

         monitored on reading and writing skills.

         Includes eBooks, StepReads, and ELL

         collections. A great online alternative 

         for struggling readers. Article-A-Day is

         a fun component of this program which

         incorporates writing practice.

         Provides a "wonder of the day," and

         allows for exploration. a fun, varied

         approach to new topics.


      Online Book Options

         A collection of reading material that includes

         eBooks, audio-books, and read-to-me options.

         This program also includes interactive videos

         and quizzes.

         An online library of accessible books for

         learners with print disabilities including visual

         impairments, dyslexia, and cerebral palsy.

Clicking on a Tablet

Early Assessment

         This website provides 10 free high-interest           reading tests for students grades 5-9.

         ​This dyslexic teacher has created a free                   online reading comprehension test for                   learners of all ages!

         Resources on this page are provided by                   educators and families from around the                 world.



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